T-Town food and dranks

“I came all the way from Saturn to get some Archibald’s” – Sun Ra

This is my run down of Tuscaloosa eatin’ and drinkin’, aimed at the casual visitor-fan. Feel free to pile on if you think my taste sucks, or if one of these joints has been recently closed down by some FBI raid or some deadly bug infestation.

Tuscaloosa has had some pretty solid barbeque places. Based out of a concrete barbeque bunker in a backyard on MLK drive that is smaller than most restaurant bathrooms, Archibald’s is a MUST EAT BEFORE YOU DIE. It is sometimes a pain in the ass there, they’ll be out of ribs because they cook them so slow, so a minor spike in demand is enough to send people packing for Dreamland. The original dreamland on Jug Factory Rd. is the only real Dreamland, it’s shitty in a pretty cool way and they’ll just toss ribs at you the second you get in the door, but I could see the convenience of the Northport riverside location being a solid selling point, especially if your family unit is already shitting out little humans. Gameday campus area also features several road side barbeque stands, I like the sammitches at the one on Bryant Drive near 12th ave, and everyone seems to be hypnotized by Big Bad Wolves’ Barbeque Nachos, as for me, I like barbeque, and I like nachos, but the novelty of that ungodly marriage ended years ago. I also hear Big Bad Wolves will give you bones for your dog if you ask nice. There is a new place downtown called Moe’s Original Barbeque, the food is not bad, but they have Colorado shit all over the place, I’m worried they flavor their barbeque withmountain due and have parties during the X games.

Sports Bars:
Buffalo Phil’s and the Hound’s tooth are pretty popular
destinations that are really close to campus. I’m a big fan of Phil’s fingers of fire sandwich, their wings are small but the sauce is good. The Houndstooth has recently metamorphized from the charming crimson clad sports ghetto into a big brick barn with widescreen TVs and the worst acoustics in the entire planet (sorority girl high pitched greeting echo chamber, it’s fucking torturous), if it’s nice drinking outside in their cement front yard is OK. I like Wilhagen’s downtown, they have good burgers and probably the best beer selection of any of the sports bars. I guess on gameday every bar is a sports bar, this is probably the most pointless paragraph.

Egans even has a Santa during the winter

Greasy Food:
I hear continuous praise for the burgers at the Oasis in Cottondale,
that’s a haul from campus though. The wings at Bottom Feeders are fucking amazing, they are smoked, not fried. Tut’s is pretty good greasy guilty pleasure pizza, calzone, philly cheese sort of thing, and have some awesome hummus. Guthrie’s only serves fucking disgusting fried chicken fingers, but somehow good at the same time. The philly cheesesteak at Big Daddy’s on Greensboro is a nice size and in some sweet ass bread.

Beer Bars:
On the Strip, Egans is one of our favorite places to grab good beers with other beer drinkers, and downtown, the Alcove is a nice hangout with a good beer selection and a smoke free indoors, it’s practically an operating room compared to your typical Tuscaloosa bar, had my spleen taken out the other day. Gallette’s is more of a bar for the greek crowd, but can still be alright on gameday even if you forgot your croakies and monster truck. The Downtown Pub
is good for the less college-y vibe.

Good Food:
Nick’s in the Sticks is a pretty old, cool place, I bet the wait is killer on game weekends though. Their onion rings are these crazy grease donuts where they onion has almost completely been absorbed into the grease and breading. Chuck’s Fish is a pretty good place for a downtown meal.
is pretty cool, a little further away from the campus area though, they’ll have crazy things like gold encrusted salmon with savory refried skittles. The Waysider has awesome tiny biscuits in the morning.

Live Music:
Egans has live music with no cover, usually in the rock or punk neck of the woods, and you have to walk THROUGH the band to take a leak. It’s pretty classy. Little Willie’s has live music, usually rock, jazz or blues. The Jupiter and the Mellow Mushroom book rock bands and some of that hippy dippy jam-band stuff that the kids like these days. The Bama Theatre has cool live music or movies as well, and it looks pretty cool inside, and they sell beer and whatnot. Admittedly, the best live music in Tuscaloosa is being one block away from the stadium when the Tide scores a touchdown, you can hear the smiles.

Some other favorites people mentioned are Indian joint Sitar on 15th street and falafel-hut Hooligan’s on University Blvd.