Tennessee Fans Drop Prose Covered Rock from Space

Tennessee fans are becoming disappointed with their season, so they got creative and dropped a big rock from space covered with scribbles and graphics.

The upset fans took to the skies in a whiskey-bottle shaped balloon device and dropped a disapproving stone-based message, a hastily assembled version of Volunteer Sports-Talk Radio Ten Commandments that would fall from the heavens itself!

The landing place for the rock was ideally going to be an SUV in QB Tyler Bray’s Knoxville apartment complex so he would be blamed for it. The prank is on them though, because the Butt-Chuggers mispeeled their head coach’s name (I’m not going to try to spell it here, for fear of landing in the same same boat and being ridiculed, but on that note though, part of me hopes Auburn tight end Philip Lutzenkirchen becomes an embattled head coach some day and the haters accidentally register like 27 different versions firelutzenkirchen.com )

The rock also contained an odd graphic denouncing orange teeth.

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