Holographic Coaching Legend Makes Special Appearance For Spring Game

Hologram Bear Bryant, in the form of a digital, gravelly voiced phantasm, made a special appearance at A-Day, coaching the White team to a brilliant 24 – 15 win on Saturday. He then wowed a crowd of thousands later that night by sharing the stage with none other than Snoop Dogg himself, performing his new single “My Wishbone Won’t be Denied”.

This was a really special moment, me and the fam really had no idea what was going on at first, our programs didnt mention this at all! The music started and lo and behold our favorite old coach in his baller-ass cap was up there rapping! His rhyming was smooth, and his Arkansas drawl filled the air with his lyrical gravy. The one bummer thing was that by the time me and the kids waddled over to the stage, the set was over.

Between the tornado last Spring and the Alabama fan putting his balls on the unconscious guys head, the Alabama nation needs all the positive vibes we can get, and Hologram Bear Bryant totally delivered. I will definitely be buying his album on iTunes!

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