Clay Travis Breaks News About ‘Teapot Dome Scandal’

Sports blogspot Clay Travis has unearthed new information about a rumored ‘Teapot Dome Scandal’, there are concerns that this could affect Calvin Coolidge’s eligibility.

Apparently some rich fat-cats took us for a bunch of dumb daddy-o’s but they got pinched. It is possible that the League of Nations could put the U.S. on probation.

News even implicates beloved recent president Warren G. Harding! Sadly, Mr. Harding died a mere 90 years back so is unable to defend himself.

Also included in Travis’s investigations are the Cecil Newton ‘bag man’. A Montgomery-based nihilist who goes around giving money to aggressive junior college parents and trolling talk radio.

“The bag man, man… I’m not handling the money, driving the car and talking on the phone all at the same time!”

Bag men are becoming a bigger and bigger problem now since fanny packs went out of style this past June. If caught, the bag man could be turned into a hang man. He could also turn out to just be a straw man.



4 Responses to Clay Travis Breaks News About ‘Teapot Dome Scandal’

  1. E.B. Beaumont


  2. Millard Fillmore

    Makes you wonder if Warren G. Harding really did die of natural causes…

  3. W. Stewart

    Yeah, good old Clay “Tennessee homer” Travis. Like all things Vols, he has an agenda against Bama. I used to think Dunnaway and Brown’s show radio show was pretty good, til they started having this clown on as a guest as if he’s a credible journalist. He’s far from that. Is there anything worse in sports than a homer posing as a legitimate journalist? I think not…

  4. Wendi

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