Crimson and White Roundtable: Whooo the Season is Almost Upon Us

The Crimson and White Roundtable is back! The season is almost here!! Can’t wait to watch some footbaw and grab some cold ones!!

1) What is your expectations for the coming season?

Me? I’m bracing for a slight crash back to earth. Between 1 and 3 losses between the likes of some Gator-Lion-Tiger-Chickeny-type Beast while we break in America’s Next Top Defense. Does that make me a pessimist? if 11 wins qualifies as pessimism you may be using Crimson Kool-Aid as your¬†deodorant, I think this is still a champion contender and I am happy as a pig in shit. And mark it dude, by midseason the defense will be bailing out the offense just like last year. I also expect some good barbeque this year. Gonna maybe make some teriyaki wings, mexican style corn on the cob, definitely going to cook some ribs slow and low with a nice rub and some Alabama Man Dance Gameday Poblano Pepper Black Bean Chorizo Chili.

2) What players to you most expect to stand out?

On offense, how can it not be Mark Ingram? The guy has the best timing and patience I’ve ever seen, I bet he can fill up a cooler fishing without bait. I bet he doesn’t even know what color shows up after yellow on traffic lights. DJ fluker will stand out in a more literal sense, and hopefully performance wise as well. On defense,¬†I fully expect Kerry Murphy to be the new Cody in there, takin up space, raising hell, drinking extra large fountain drinks, making teams give up on the run 6 minutes into the game.

3) What do you think will be biggest difference between this team and the 2009 squad?

Well, we hear about more wanting more ‘explosive plays’ this year, I just want to know if it will work out. Last season started out in that direction, with all the wildcat and pistol looks. It’s just all that seems predicated on McElroy becoming more Texas Gunslinger and less Texas Groundskeeper. We could also see more creative running, ala 2007 Arkansas or 2009 Nevada. I also wonder if the special teams anxiety makes the offense more aggressive this year. New punter, kicker, long snapper? That itself should lead to about 10,000 Bryant-Denny Grandmas all screaming “GO FER IT!!!” in unholy unison on every other 4th down.

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