Breaking News: Paul Bryant Drive Renamed “Stadium Stroll”

Leaked footage reveals the University of Alabama and the City of Tuscaloosa have renamed Paul Bryant Drive to “Stadium Stroll”

Notice the new street, “Stadium Stroll”. This is to remind you, that there is a huge fucking football stadium approximately .47 miles away, right in front of you. Towering over the metropolitan area like the Tower of Bammer.

The suggested method of transportation there is Strolling.

If you are a baby you can use this:

**Notice the Gene Stallings era tire treads.

Another way of strolling is this, this is exactly how I plan to walk around on game day:

It’s nice outside, I’ll probably stroll to the bar and take the baby, buy her a jager shot. Maybe catch a football game and feed the dog chicken bones. Whoops, left the baby on the sidelines while I was getting a hot dog and she got nailed by a wide receiver:

2 Responses to Breaking News: Paul Bryant Drive Renamed “Stadium Stroll”

  1. TR

    Ha! Ha! Where abouts on Bryant Drive is this located???

  2. Alabama Man Dance

    down the road from JDs, pretty sure theres more than one though

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