Set your Jorts on Fire

Sunday Evening Train-wreck
An unusually retarded comment thread ensues at after Orson Swindle’s plea for Tebow to be responsible and let his brain heal. Roll Bama Roll’s own kleph is called a Georgia fan multiple times.

Speaking of Brain Damage
I keep getting Hold my close up Tiny Danson stuck in my head

Ichabod Lundquist is on top of his game
If you watched the Saturday Alabama game on TV, you might have heard announcer Verne Lundquist multiple times say that 48 year old Oakland Raiders defensive back coach Lionel Washington blocked an Arkansas punt. After some serious research and calling around to religious leaders, NCAA officials, and Al Davis himself, I have discovered that it was Alabama Defensive End Lorenzo Washington.

Similar to the Dwight Eisenhower portrait on the small of my back
NBA Washington Wizards Guard Deshawn Stephenson has an Abraham Lincoln Tattoo on his neck!

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