Looking Ahead: the 2010 Draft

OK, disclaimer, Its insanely early to look at next years pro prospects that will spend the year in crimson and white, fucking ridiculously early, but, we are bored, people! BORED! And its fun to think about the select few of our Alabama brothers and sisters moving on and making lots of money.

There is plenty of time for teams to bottom out, players to miss an entire year to injury, quickly shedding the tag ‘can’t miss’ and being relabeled ‘project player’ or the dreaded ‘college graduate’. The last couple of years quarterbacks such as Cullen Harper and Brian Brohm dive bombed from preseason top-ten picks, and we can be sure there are plenty in these lists that will end up scrambling for free agent deals, we can hope it is not our guys though.

Prisco on CSB Sports:

11. Terrence Cody
30. Rolando McClain

Sports Illustrated:
SI seems to rank Javy the highest. Remember when he was a return man who was occasionally spotted in the defensive backfield?

10. Terrence Cody
18. Rolando McClain
27. Javier Arenas

NFL Draft Scout:
OK, first of all, this list is insanely long and insanely early, and does not include underclassmen. It’s good to see Mike Johnson and Justin Woodall show up.

8. Terrence Cody
24. Javier Arenas
39. Mike Johnson
79. Justin Woodall

NFL Draft Dog:
The ‘Dog’ has Cody waaay up there at #2. Jesus, I’d love to see Cody on the stage with Roger Goodell, smiling, with some shitty teams hat on his head!

2. Terrence Cody
13. Rolando McClain

NFL Draft Site:

5. Terrence Cody
32. Javier Arenas
56. Mike Johnson
118. Justin Woodall

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