Clean up on Aisle 2009

The Tide handily downs Vandy with near-perfect free throw shooting, while the SEC Tourney Logo looks like a shopping cart with a basketball in it:

Now brings a rematch with the Vols, win or lose, it is encouraging to see this team show improvement.

the NCAA is expanding the Tournament to 4096 teams
(INSANE News from the STEAM ROOM)

4 Responses to Clean up on Aisle 2009

  1. russellsimmonsmitchell

    hey put out a query for me. the wife and i are going with university of alabama legend ma terrell to knoxville next weekend. where should we drink and where should we get a hotel?

    ps this is a serious question.

  2. Alabama ManDance

    Sup dude, check this bama sports report post out:

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