Burt Reynolds SECCG Showdown

Burt Reynolds movies are extremely accurate football predictors, with 100% winning predictions over 78% of the time. So we will unearth the truth by comparing arbitrary observations of Burt’s 1976 swamp noir epic Gator and his 1978 Tuscaloosa-filmed coming-of-old-age stuntman character piece, Hooper, and apply this to the upcoming bigger than earth SEC championship game.

Character Name: While Sonny Hooper might be a great name for a morrally flexible politician or carpet theif, Gator McKlusky takes the cake here, combining vicious reptilian intimidation and proud but questionable Scottish heritage.


Burtstache: This HAS to be a draw, both burtstaches are pretty strong and I’m not man enough to pick a winner.


Burt’s Babes: Lauren Hutton vs Sally Field, gap-toothed makeup huckster ex-model vs Forrest Gump’s mom, gotta go with Sally Field here just because Lauren Hutton scares me with that Micheal Strahan smile.


Transportation: Rocket powered stunt cars jumping over rivers and dodging falling towers? Swamp fan-boats are still cool, i’ve always wanted to drive one of those things through the Everglades and run over some endangered species.


Supporting Cast: Hooper features Adam West, the future Rosco P. Coltrane and the pilot of Airwolf, while Gator has very few names, except maybe that dude that always plays drunks in westerns.


The Final Tally: Bama 2, Airwolf 1 and Florida 1, Bama Wins, Go Hooper!

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  1. SludgeHeap

    LOL. Bummer that the outcome wasn’t quite right. Oh well. Instead of watching the game over again, I’ll watch Airwolf score its point. There’s a pretty good episode guide with playback where you can console yourself, too:


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